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that in to maryland, delaware and new jersey, that's what you'd have. this was at midnight as sandy was moving in. we will have a couple more 3d animations to show you in the next hour, but here is a look at sandy at midnight. you see that massive storm structure, driving itself right into the mid atlantic states with the first waves of rain coming in late last evening. and now here is sandy as we speak. super storm, no doubt about that. you can see that well defined aye wall we've had strengthening th to see a strengthening hurricane as she comes north but there's warm waters here in the gulf stream off virginia. there's jet stream energy dipping south and the trough object that jet stream has captured the storm and is accelerating it. speeding the system up. it's doubled in speed in just the last three hours. it may speed up even more. we think official landfall on the center of sandy is likely to occur before 4 p.m. so we're talking another max hour and a half before sandy is ashore. she's just under 100 miles off shore but up to 30 miles an hour. she may accelerate here. you say oh, we're almost
are working together to keep us here in maryland safe during hurricane sandy. >> ok. thank you. >> down in front, everybody. >> here we go. >> the governor had a white shirt, red shirt. >> yes, sir. >> the other ones, we expect behind. >> on abc2, follow us online, mobile devices, as well. >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, listen up. this is the 2 p.m. briefing. i want to thank everybody for their vigilance and their hard work. i want to thank our maryland national guard and everyone that's been on the job here as we prepare for landfall of hurricane sandy. this is a very, very dangerous and deadly storm. she is intensifying at her center with the winds moving up to 90 miles an hour. would not surprise many if she were upgraded to a category 2 before she comes directly over maryland, parks here and beats down on us for a good long 24 to 36 hours. there will be lots of felled trees, there will be lots of poles that are knocked over, there will be lots of electric lines that are knocked down, and there will be massive power outages. i notice from the outage map that just about
. >> how some fans cleared the field and the secret behind the ketacal. >>> and hurricane sandy leaves disaster in its wake. >> the images are astounding. >> we've got the flooding, the rescues and the shocking scenes of sandy's aftermath. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. >> some climbers tackle a sheer cliff. >> but check this out. >> can you hand me my leg? >> how guys with artificial leg, kicking butt on el capitan. >> it was amazing. >>> plus your wednesday buzzword and prank of the scary kind. >> ah! >> get ready, because -- >> it's halloween. >> it's halloween? >> really? what gave that away? >>> guy, we've got ourselves what i think is the weirdest and creepiest streaker in the history of streakers. i should say maybe partial streaker in colfax, california, during a high school football game between the colfax high falcons and what in this picture doesn't belong? >> that guy. >> him! >> i think he looks like he's wearing, like, leather chaps. >> it's not chaps. jeans pulled down and just a belt around his waist. this is 26-year-old patrick hurley. police identified him. he gets on to the field
by hurricane sandy. this is a shot of the gift shop. hear why passengers said it felt more like the poseidon. >> everything that wasn't attached, broke. >> an air traveler with a certain item told that's too much carry-on. a story for anyone who ever had to check a bag. >>> cops say a guy tries to scam gas and catches fire. >> he was all burnt up. >> how the alleged plan backfired big time. >>> plus, the friday buzz word for your chance at a new ipad and the story behind an edible strategy. >> they blew the cake up. >> if you're in the room, do you go like -- try to catch it? >>> for the past few days we've been seeing the destruction and devastation as hurricane sandy made landfall, but what about the destruction at sea? take a look at this video shot by dr. david evan on a caribbean cruise. >> it was a brand new disney ship, the disney fantasy. >> the pool deck area was completely flooded. this is a shot of the gift shop. >> the ship began to lift from left to right so dramatically, the sliding doors to our bedroom began to suddenly slam. >> he even said his wife was in tears. >> saying, w
sandy, but they're not about hurricane sandy. this one is on the streets of brooklyn in new york. >> guy just trips the dude with the umbrella. wait. >> there's one guy walking towards the guy with the umbrella. just knocks him to the ground and almost immediately four other guys show up and they beat this guy unconscious. they take his wallet. they take his phone. most of them walk away. one of them is left behind. the man seems to move a little bit. then you just see him lay still. look at what this guy does just before he walks away. >> looks like he was standing on his head. >> he stepped on his head as he was walking away. >> so they used the storm to their advantage because nobody's on the street? >> but also think of the emergency services and emergency personnel. they're all busy. the man that was beat regains consciousness. he gets up and seems to be able to slowly walk away. >> oh, that's horrible. >> then this next one, i don't even know what to think of this one. >> this is not the goal that any parent has for their children. what in the world is this guy thinking? >> you can
of hurricane sandy's devastation keep hitting the web. this one from new york. the firefighters, waist deep. >> i'm absolutely soaked. >> trying to put this fire out. you may think why are they bothering? they don't want it to spread to nearby homes. >> here comes the wind. >> fighting this fire in frigid water, dealing with downed power lines. >> watch the wires over your head. >> it's incredible. and in the pitch black. obviously, there's no electricity around, obviously, you can't see anything. >> nothing you can do. >> here's another video of three homes in greenwich, connecticut. this video was shot by fire captain larry roberts. the winds completely whipping these flames into an absolute inferno. >> look at all of the sparks flying toward the bushes. >> looks like this video is in fast forward. >> it does, the way the wind and debris is blowing, spreading the embers to other homes. you can see the sea spray and the waves breaking and blowing the sea spray right at them. three buildings here burned, plus another outbuilding. they are credited to keeping this fire and not spreading to t
, and good morning, everyone. president obama is just a minute away from making an address on hurricane sandy. here is the latest. look at this storm. the center is about two hundred 5 miles east of atlantic city, new jersey, about 260 miles south southeast of new york city. we understand the sustained wind is about 90 miles per hour. it is moving north northwest at 18 m.p.h. and storms are expected from virginia to massachusetts. it is a huge and brought strong with a very low pressure system that is combining to coke and make this a really intense storm. the result of all of this is you have a lot of closures along the east coast, including wall street which is completely shut down, no trading of any kind on the markets. it looks like that will be true as well for tomorrow. because of this, there are a number of u.s. companies that are postponing their quarterly reports. the last time the stock exchange was closed down this way was september 11, 2001, and last closed for a weather-related event back in 1985 for hurricane gloria. it is expected that it will be closed tomorrow as well, the ne
the bronx, he's telling everybody to stay safe as they're getting pounded by sandy. one last piece. >> he did it in like 40 seconds. he did it like in no time. >> it didn't take him very long. >> i can't believe he did it. >> raw veal, straight from the butcher, and -- i can feel all the bacteria in a ball in my stomach. >> that's one party i do not want to be involved with in any way, shape or form. >> i eat sushi, but not raw cows. >> especially not raw baby cow. >> chuck! >> good luck with your next stunt, i hope it's cooked mplgt. >>> time for tuesday's buzz word and the "right this minute" ipad giveaway. >> you have to be 18 years or older to enter and you have to have tuesday's buzz word. >> so, steven, we're ready. it's time to reveal tuesday's buzz word. >> you entered the buzz worded on our facebook page. >> and tuesday's buzz word is -- >> speedboat. now head over to"right this minute" and click on the win an ipad button. >> and enter s-p-e-e-d-b-o-a-t, speedboat, for your chance to win a brand-new ipad. good luck, everybody. >>> a zombie hits the drive-through for
of the east coast are still under water after superstorm sandy. one of those areas hardest hit, staten island. in this video, we're seeing a camera from helicopter 23 from the nypd. you see them plucking people from the top of homes. in the videos we're watching, five adults and one child who were trapped were saved by helicopter 23. >> that person looks like he or she is carrying a small child, an infant almost, in her arms. >> helicopter 23 is named after the 23 new york police officers killed during the 9/11 attacks, which just adds to all this. now, from staten island to lower manhattan, still flooded. leading to lots of gridlock. one driver had a bright idea as to how to get around the gridlock. if you notice, he's going the wrong way down lexington avenue. >> i would be freaking out. >> it's the most awesome thing i've ever witnessed in new york. as long as we don't kill anybody. >> he's going to run into someone head on. >> last but not least, hoboken, another area super flooded. my friend who lives there sent us this video. it appears as though people are still working. >> there's sti
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)